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Loyalty, equality, and mutual support are the values that distinguish the team at our Law Firm. We build relationships based on trust and cooperation, enabling us to achieve more together. In our work, we prioritize professionalism and a high level of expertise. Therefore, we seek ambitious individuals with talent, those who set high standards for themselves and are focused on growth. We are looking for enthusiasts and specialists in the field of law who can work independently and effectively apply their knowledge in practice.

Join our team and contribute to exciting projects. Take advantage of training and conference opportunities funded by us, as well as build your career path within a clear organizational structure We also open doors to exploring various areas of law and forming interesting business connections. We encourage employees to participate in networking events and experience at prestigious industry gatherings. Our Law Firm also supports lawyers who take care of their own expert image and work to build their personal brand.

Apply now and advance your career in a place that not only values your skills but also opens up wide avenues for your professional growth and fulfilment.

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    CV Selection

    We analyse the submitted applications, aiming to identify candidates who match our general requirements. We focus on professional experience, education and skills, looking for candidates who appear to be the best fit for our needs.


    First Contact

    We initiate the first contact with selected candidates. This is a brief phone conversation during which we invite them for a qualification interview.


    Qualification Interview

    The next step is to conduct a qualification interview, which can take the form of an in-person meeting or a video conference. During this interview, we discuss the candidate's qualifications, professional experience, expectations regarding work in our Law Firm, and ask substantive questions in more detail. It is also an opportunity for mutual acquaintance.


    Interviews at subsequent stages of recruitment

    Depending on the position the candidate is applying for, we conduct additional meetings with our team. Typically, these are 1 or 2 additional interviews during which we also ask substantive questions. After each meeting, we inform the candidate about the next steps. Regardless of the outcome of the interview and the decision regarding cooperation with the Law Firm, we contact and provide feedback to the candidate.


    Document Verification

    Following a successful interview, we conduct a verification of the candidate's documents, such as language certificates, work certificates, or statements of internships abroad. This verification aims to confirm the declared qualifications and experience to ensure that the candidate meets the requirements.


    Job Offer and Contract Signing

    Following a successful finalising the recruitment process, we reach out to the selected candidate and present our offer for the respective position. Upon acceptance of the offer, we arrange for the signing of the contract.

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