Daniel Konicz on the filing of an appeal by a public procurement contractor

25.04.2024 / News / Public Procurement

Pursuant to Art. 505 ust. 1 of the Public Procurement Law, a contractor has the right to appeal if he has or had an interest in obtaining the contract and has suffered or may suffer damage as a result of an infringement of the provisions of the Public Procurement Law by the contracting authority.

However, what is the situation if an appeal is lodged by a contractor whose tender was deemed the most advantageous by the contracting authority?

In the article entitled. In an article entitled “Consequences of lodging an appeal by a contractor selected to execute an order”, this topic was developed by Daniel Konicz – Attorney-at-law in the Public Procurement Law Department at Sadkowski and Partners. Our expert raised, inter alia, the issue of prerequisites constituting the lodging of an appeal by a contractor, based on the views expressed in the jurisprudence.

We encourage you to read the entire article.

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