Ewelina Miłobędzka on job abandonment for Prawo.pl

06.06.2024 / News / Publications / Employment

It sometimes happens that a newly hired employee suddenly stops coming to work without providing any justification for their absence, not even informing about their resignation. Does the law protect employers in such situations?

Insight from our expert

Ewelina Miłobędzka, Attorney-at-law in the Labour Law Department at Sadkowski and Partners, commented on this issue for Prawo.pl. According to our expert, employers’ options in such situations are limited, as there is no provision for contractual penalties in the employer-employee relationship, unlike in service contracts.

‘Of course, in cases of job abandonment after a very short period of employment, there is a basis for terminating the employment contract without notice based on Article 52, paragraph 1, point 1 of the Labour Code. This information will be included in the employment certificate, which undoubtedly can affect the employee’s ability to find a new job,’ emphasizes Ewelina Miłobędzka.

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