Kamil Książek on family foundations in an article for Infor

09.07.2024 / News / Publications / Tax

The taxation of rental income realized by family foundations continues to spark controversy. Tax authorities differentiate the tax implications for taxpayers depending on the type of rental – short-term or long-term. A key ruling in this area is the decision of the Provincial Administrative Court (WSA) in Gdańsk dated June 19, 2024.

These issues are thoroughly analyzed by Kamil Książek, a trainee attorney-at-law in the Tax Law Department, in an article for Infor.


About the article

Our expert focuses on:

  • Permitted activities of a family foundation
  • The issue of rental by a family foundation and its taxation
  • The rationale for differentiating tax implications according to the WSA in Gdańsk

We encourage you to read the full article.

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