Marta Owczarczyk on the prerequisites for the application of Article 365 of the Public Procurement Law for the bimonthly magazine The Contracting Authority

08.05.2024 / News / Public Procurement

The latest issue of the bimonthly magazine ‘Contracting. Public Procurement in Practice’, published by MUST READ MEDIA.

The May/June issue features an article entitled ‘The prerequisites of direct award of a sector contract to an entity related to the ordering party’, written by Marta Owczarczyk – Attonrey-at-law and Head of the Public Procurement Law Department at Sadkowski and Partners.

The article discusses the prerequisites for the application of Art. 365 of the Public Procurement Law, according to which the provisions of the Act do not apply to sector contracts for supplies, services or works awarded to the so-called entities related to the ordering party, taking into account the pro-European interpretation.

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