Marzena Łabędź on the proposal to remove provisions regarding labour inspectors for

10.06.2024 / News / Publications / Employment

The Petitions Committee has proposed removing the regulations that require labour inspectors to present an authorization for inspections, replacing it with just a service ID. Lawmakers argue that this aims to simplify and standardise the inspection procedures for businesses and other employers. They also plan for the National Labour Inspectorate (PIP) to be included in the group of authorities exempt from restrictions on conducting inspections. According to legal experts, the justification for this change raises serious concerns.

Insight from our expert

What consequences can this have for employers? What are the proposed solutions to the problem? Marzena Łabędź, Partner and Attorney-at-law at Sadkowski and Partners, provided commentary on this topic in an article for

‘While the removal of the requirement for inspectors to present an authorization may facilitate their operations, it could prove problematic for employers – especially smaller ones who do not have a qualified team with knowledge of the relevant legal provisions and experience with such inspections,’ explains our expert.

We encourage you to read the full article – link.

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