Administrative Law

Clients most often seek support in administrative law when interactions with public administration become challenging, time-consuming, and require legal expertise. They also seek support when negative decisions from public authorities can hinder their investment projects or expose them to financial penalties.

In such situations, they can rely on the professional advice of our lawyers specialising, in various areas of administrative law, including construction law, environmental law, and energy law. Our lawyers represent clients before provincial administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court.

Our experts have extensive experience in administrative law. They provide support to clients during spatial planning proceedings and after their approval, in the construction process, as well as in obtaining concessions, administrative decisions, and permits. They represent clients in administrative disputes both at the pre-litigation stage and before administrative courts of various instances.

The lawyers of Sadkowski and Partners boast a deep understanding of various industries, including but not limited to: real estate development, construction, agriculture, hospitality, commerce, advertising, higher education, fuel, energy, manufacturing, and transportation. Their acquired industry knowledge and experience enable them to represent clients’ interests even more effectively before public administration authorities throughout Poland.

In the field of administrative law, we provide legal services including:

In the field of construction investments:

  • we provide support in dealings with public administration authorities in proceedings regarding decisions on development conditions, building permits, and before construction supervision authorities,
  • we represent clients in administrative and administrative court proceedings in case of refusal to issue a decision of the requested content,
  • we prepare legal opinions and expertise.

In the field of real estate market transactions:

  • we analyse administrative and legal restrictions arising from water law, monument protection, nature conservation, and agricultural land protection regulations,
  • we support clients in proceedings enabling the acquisition and development of agricultural real estate,
  • we analyse risks associated with reprivatisation claims arising from the so-called Bierut Decree.

In the field of spatial planning and development:

  • we represent clients in proceedings for imposing fines for violations of road transport regulations and occupying road lanes without permission,
  • we conduct analyses of local spatial planning acts and support clients in proceedings for the adoption of local spatial development plans and so-called landscape resolutions,
  • we represent clients in proceedings related to the so-called planning fees and adjacent charges,
  • we monitor changes in legal regulations to prepare relevant alerts for clients, enabling them to take necessary actions in a timely manner.

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28.06.2024 / Successes

Victory before the Supreme Administrative Court in the case of the building conditions decision

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