Competition Protection & Consumer Law

Competition and consumer protection promotes the efficient functioning of economic markets, stimulate innovation, increases economic efficiency, and ensure that businesses operate with respect for ethical and legal standards. Competition law aims to prevent anti-competitive practices, such as the abuse of a dominant position, which contributes to increased economic efficiency and consumer protection. Consumer law, on the other hand, focuses on regulations that protect consumer interests, requirements related to the quality of products and services, ensuring fair information practices by businesses, and the right to effective remedies for consumers. 

Clients most commonly seek assistance from competition and consumer protection lawyers in cases of suspected engagement in anticompetitive practices, the need to assess legal-competitive risks associated with specific business activities, infringement of consumer privacy, or violations of consumer rights.

Working for the benefit of both entrepreneurs and consumers, we provide comprehensive legal advice, including representing clients before Polish and international institutions, including the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection and the European Commission.

We have experience in providing legal advice in the field of competition and consumer law for entities from various sectors of the economy. Additionally, we offer legal services for both Polish and international clients.

In the field of competition and consumer protection, we offer the following services:

  • we prepare and implement solutions to ensure compliance of market activities with Polish and EU competition law,
  • we identify practices restricting competition (conducting antitrust risk assessments),
  • we implement solutions to prevent employees of the enterprise from violating competition protection regulations,
  • we analyse consumer agreements for compliance with applicable legal standards in the field of consumer rights protection, including the presence of abusive clauses, 
  • we create new contracts in compliance with current consumer protection regulations,
  • we advise on the processes of creating distribution and franchising networks,
  • we advise during the creation of commercial and pricing policies,
  • we support in selecting corrective measures in response to identified violations,
  • we participate in inspections conducted by the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK), 
  • we represent entrepreneurs in explanatory and antitrust proceedings before the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK), as well as in appeals before the courts,
  • we assess the obligation to notify the intention of concentration by entrepreneurs to the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK) or the European Commission,
  • we prepare notifications and represent clients in the course of concentration proceedings,
  • we conduct trainings in the field of competition law.

Additionally, in the area related to combating unfair competition:

  • we prepare non-compete agreements tailored to the needs of our clients,
  • we draft provisions securing the client’s know-how in employment contracts, civil law contracts, including managerial agreements,
  • we prepare confidentiality clauses in contracts and official documents,
  • we prepare regulations for the protection of confidential information,
  • we prepare expert analyses and legal opinions, as well as review and assess the actions of our clients and their contractors for compliance with the provisions of the Unfair Competition Act,
  • we provide advice on creating advertisements in compliance with regulations,
  • we assess and implement solutions related to the transmission of commercial information via electronic communication means,
  • we provide support in protecting unregistered trademarks under the Unfair Competition Act,
  • we support in safeguarding our clients’ market access based on the regulations of the Unfair Competition Act,
  • we represent clients in pursuing claims based on the Unfair Competition Act.

We encourage you to contact our experts who have extensive experience in competition law, consumer protection, and combating unfair competition.

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