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Medical and pharmaceutical law focuses on regulations related to healthcare, medical practice, clinical research, and the production and distribution of drugs. This legal branch encompasses a set of rules and legal standards concerning the relationships between patients and healthcare professionals, the functioning of medical facilities, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, research firms, and other entities involved in the healthcare sector.

Medical and pharmaceutical law is dynamically evolving with technological progress, changes in medical practices, and societal needs. Understanding these regulations is crucial for healthcare professionals, patients, and pharmaceutical companies.

We specialize in servicing clients from the medical and pharmaceutical sectors, allowing us to have a thorough understanding of the specific needs and challenges faced by businesses and institutions in these industries. Our expertise encompasses both regulatory issues and practical aspects of operating in these sectors.

In the healthcare and life sciences field, regulatory compliance is crucial. Thanks to our support, it’s possible to identify and comply with applicable regulations, minimising the risk of non-compliance and ensuring the legality of actions.

By choosing Sadkowski and Partners for legal services in the field of medical and pharmaceutical law, you can be assured of receiving high-quality support tailored to the specific nature of your business while ensuring compliance with numerous legal regulations.

In the field of healthcare and life sciences, we provide support in the following manner:

  • we provide comprehensive, ongoing legal support for entities in the healthcare sector,
  • we represent medical personnel in civil, criminal, and disciplinary proceedings,
  • we represent clients and provide advice in cases of inspections or obtaining administrative decision,
  • we handle the implementation of contracts with the National Health Fund (NFZ),
  • we advise on the transformation of public healthcare facilities into commercial entities,
  • we provide legal advice during the execution of investments in the medical services market,
  • we advise on mergers, acquisitions, liquidations, and the restructuring of healthcare facilities,
  • we draft and review internal acts, including regulations, contracts, and consents,
  • we provide support in the protection of personal rights of professionals,
  • we advise on the selection of the most advantageous form of taxation for medical or pharmaceutical activities,
  • we advise on procurement proceedings in the medical or pharmaceutical industry,
  • we represent clients in disputes with public administration bodies,
  • we conduct audits of medical facilities,
  • we conduct trainings for employees and management in the field of medical and pharmaceutical law, covering additional topics such as patient data processing and liability for medical errors.

If you require legal advice in the field of healthcare and life sciences, we encourage you to get in touch with our experts.

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