Private Debt / Private Equity

We specialise in providing comprehensive legal support for the processes of obtaining or providing financing, both in the form of debt financing (bank financing, private debt financing) and in the form of equity financing (private equity), including mixed financings and syndicated financings.

Our clients include banks, investment funds, private investors (both domestic and foreign entities), as well as entrepreneurs seeking financing (borrowers, bond issuers, business owners).

We provide advice at every stage of the financing process: from analysing and structuring the financing and negotiating its key terms, through conducting due diligence on entities participating in the financing, and the collateral objects, to preparing financing documentation and security documentation, and verifying compliance with the agreed legal conditions for financing disbursement.

Over our many years of practice, we have developed proprietary practical solutions in the areas of due diligence and creating documentation, ensuring that the financing process proceeds quickly and smoothly, with a simultaneous guarantee of our clients’ safety. 

Working continuously on numerous financings across all key industries, we share not only specialised legal knowledge and experience with our clients but also our understanding of current trends and standards in financing transactions. At every stage of our work, our clients have access to lawyers from all specialties within the firm, as well as financial analysts and tax advisors within the Sadkowski and Partners group.

In our practice area, we ensure the execution of the following activities:

  • Financing Structuring – we develop and negotiate the structure (entity/documentation) of financing and key terms (legal, commercial, financial) regarding the signing of documentation and the initiation of financing.
  • Due Diligence – we conduct comprehensive legal due diligence of entities signing the documentation and  collateral objects of financing (such as shares, interests, real estate, receivables). Our experience gained while serving clients from various industries provides a practical assessment of every aspect crucial for the quality and effectiveness of a particular security. We assist entities seeking financing in preparing their documentation before providing it to potential financiers.
  • Financing and security documentation – we prepare and negotiate the complete transaction documentation ensuring the effectiveness and validity of signed documents and established security, and guaranteeing the protection of our clients’ interests. We coordinate all activities related to signing documentation and establishing financing security, as well as verify and confirm the fulfilment of legal conditions for initiating financing.
  • Monitoring and ongoing financing support – we provide advice on current matters related to granted financing and established security. We ensure necessary monitoring of securities for financing entities (including acting as security administrators).
  • Exiting financing support – we advise clients on all refinancing activities (debt or equity) and the commercialization of assets constituting security related to financing repayment. We provide comprehensive support throughout the process, including the preparation and negotiation of necessary documentation such as promises, escrow accounts, notarial deposits, agreements, and consents for the release of security, as well as handling proceedings aimed at removing securities from the relevant registers.

If you need legal support in the field of financing, whether on the side of seeking financing or on the side of providing financing, we encourage you to contact our experts.

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