Restructuring & Insolvency

Financial difficulties can be experienced for various reasons, such as liquidity loss or economic challenges. A crisis within a company can lead to a loss of trust among stakeholders, difficulties in obtaining necessary financing, and in extreme cases, loss of clients.

The causes of insolvency lie in various areas of a company’s operation, and therefore, effective assistance to insolvent or potentially insolvent entities requires interdisciplinary knowledge in the fields of law, finance, and business management.

Contractors of insolvent entities also find themselves in a challenging position, where swift response and appropriate decisions often determine whether the recovery of their receivables will be possible at all.

In the face of these challenges, taking prompt and appropriate steps can be crucial to minimise negative consequences and find effective solutions. One of the key decisions in such situations may be consulted with lawyers specialising in restructuring and insolvency law. 

Our team consists of experts from various fields and licensed restructuring advisors. We strive to find the best possible solutions by combining a proficient understanding of regulations with the specific aspects of particular  industries.

We provide services for both entities and individuals playing various roles in the restructuring and bankruptcy process. We also execute investment processes utilizing restructuring and bankruptcy law procedures, including, among others, the pre-pack procedure.

For entities and individuals facing insolvency or threatened with insolvency, as well as members of the management of such entities, we offer:

  • detailed analysis of the situation, resulting in the recommendation of the most optimal solutions,
  • preparation of a restructuring strategy,
  • assistance in negotiations with creditors,
  • representation of debtors in restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings,
  • assistance in preparing a restructuring plan or settlement proposals,
  • comprehensive advice for members of the management on preventing liability for fulfilling obligations under bankruptcy law,
  • preparation of an application to initiate restructuring proceedings or declare bankruptcy, including consumer bankruptcy.

For creditors and contractors of insolvent or potentially insolvent entities, we offer:

  • detailed analysis of the debtor’s situation and determination of the debt recovery strategy,
  • legal advice aimed at protecting the client’s interests in the event of the counterparty’s insolvency,
  • submission of claims in the debtor’s restructuring or insolvency proceedings, including through the National Debt Register (KRZ) system,
  • comprehensive legal advice, including an assessment of documents presented by the debtor in restructuring, such as a restructuring plan, settlement proposals, private creditor test, and a recommendation regarding voting for or against the composition (including casting a vote as a creditor in the National Debt Register system),
  • representation of the creditor in the restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings;
  • representation of the creditor in the Creditors’ Committee in the debtor’s restructuring or insolvency proceedings, 
  • advice and efficient execution of the process of acquiring assets from debtors, syndics, administrators, and bailiffs,
  • advice and preparation of a pre-pack application (prepared liquidation).

Choosing the expertise of our law firm, you receive not only legal support but also a partnership based on trust, experience, and professionalism. We will help you find the best possible solution. Contact us!

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