Tax law is known for its complexity and extensiveness. Numerous amendments, ever-changing tax breaks, and international aspects make it challenging to interpret the provisions correctly. If that were not enough, taxpayers should also be aware of discrepancies between the approach of Polish tax authorities and administrative courts on many tax-related issues, as they may be contradictory in key matters.  

Experts in this field must be familiar with tax regulations, able to interpret their intricacies, be aware of current positions of tax authorities, and assist their clients in understanding their tax obligations and safely navigate through dynamically changing regulations.

That is why our experts, while providing advisory services, focus particularly on the client’s needs, their natural inclination  towards risk-taking, and the realities of modern business transactions, always taking into account the specificity of the industry in which they operate.

Theoretical knowledge of tax law is necessary but insufficient to ensure clients an adequate level of tax security. Our tax advisors and consultants are practitioners with experience in analysing precedent cases, interpreting tax authorities’ rulings, and court positions. Such analyses allow for a better understanding of how specific regulations should be applied in particular situations.

Lawyers specializing in tax law advise on various areas including CIT (Corporate Income Tax), PIT (Personal Income Tax), VAT (Value Added Tax), MDR (Mandatory Disclosure Rules), local taxes, and transfer pricing. They also assist in navigating the complex realities of international tax law and indicate the tax implications of reorganizational processes, including cross-border transactions. If a company’s situation requires verification that all tax obligations have been fulfilled correctly, the client will find appropriate support. Our experts also represent clients before tax authorities, in legal proceedings, and participate in tax and customs audits.

In the field of tax law, primarily:

  • we provide advice on income taxes: Corporate Income Tax (CIT) and Personal Income Tax (PIT),
  • we provide advice on the possibilities of utilizing tax reliefs, such as R&D relief, IP Box relief, expansion relief, prototype relief, IPO relief, or the Polish Holding Company relief,
  • we provide advice on Value Added Tax (VAT), both in the case of service transactions and goods transactions (e.g., supply chain transactions), as well as excise tax,
  • we provide advice on property taxes: tax on civil law transactions (PCC), property tax, and inheritance and gift tax,
  • we solve various ongoing tax issues (hotline service),
  • we analyse contracts for tax implications to minimise risks and maximise effective protection for contract parties,
  • we prepare written tax opinions,
  • we verify the correctness of current tax settlement procedures – both for individual entities and within international capital groups,
  • we provide ongoing updates on judgments, interpretations, regulatory changes, and new tax preferences, as well as conduct training sessions,
  • we conduct comprehensive tax reviews,
  • we conduct tax due diligence investigations for companies,
  • we analyse the tax implications of planned business models,
  • we analyse the tax consequences of planned transactions, establishment of organized parts of enterprises (OPE), share (stock) sales, mergers or reorganisation of companies,
  • we prepare applications for issuing binding tax interpretations and securing opinions,
  • we prepare analyses and economic documentation justifying transactions and the implementation of new business models (defence files),
  • we develop a dedicated internal procedure for fulfilling the reporting obligation to the Head of the National Revenue Administration regarding tax schemes (MDR),
  • we develop internal procedures in compliance with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) standards,
  • we prepare documentation, benchmark analyses, and internal procedures in the field of transfer pricing,
  • we provide advice on the taxation of real estate transactions,
  • we provide advice on the establishment and operation of real estate companies and funds,
  • we provide advice on employment forms, compensation principles, and their taxation,
  • we provide advice on the 50% tax deductible costs (KUP) for creators,
  • we provide advice on planning the establishment and operation of business activities abroad, as well as on the rules of taxation abroad,
  • we represent clients in tax, criminal, and fiscal-criminal proceedings.

If you are looking for tax law experts who combine extensive legal knowledge with analytical skills and versatile experience, contact us!

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