Trade & Commercial Contracts

Entering into commercial agreements, especially in international trade, brings both opportunities and risks. we have the opportunity for growth, revenue diversification, and increased profits both domestically and abroad. On the other hand, entering into agreements that inadequately protect us or contain unfavourable provisions may lead to negative consequences in the future. Additionally, differences in legal regulations between countries can result in difficulties in interpreting and enforcing agreements.

Our clients represent leading entities from practically every industry in both B2B and B2C domains (eg. e-commerce), including regulated sectors such as energy, water supply, public transportation, defense, aviation, fuel industry, and life sciences. We support industry leaders in establishing the foundations of business relationships, framework principles of cooperation, general terms of agreements, and distribution systems (sales representations, agencies, franchising). We also provide advice to individual entrepreneurs or group of entrepreneurs who are entering into or renegotiating terms within such systems.

The lawyers of Sadkowski and Partners provide comprehensive legal services in the field of commercial contracts, representing both domestic and international companies. We offer professional support in negotiations, preparation and analysis of commercial contracts and general terms, as well as in resolving disputes related to their execution.

Legal protection in commercial contracts is crucial for minimising business risk. Our team ensures that contracts are understood, compliant with applicable regulations, and protect the client’s interests. With our experience in cooperating with representatives from various industries and sectors of the economy, we deliver legal solutions that are practical and tailored to market realities.

As part of the practice of trade and commercial contracts:

  • we create and negotiate key commercial contracts in both domestic and international trade across virtually all industries. Our lawyers have experience handling contracts in sectors such as defense, aviation, energy/renewable energy, fuel, transportation, logistics, FMCG, production and IT,
  • we advise on determining contract terms by identifying potential financial implications of specific legal clauses or their interpretations,
  • we offer guidance in the creation and negotiation of standard legal documents related to sales, supply, lease, leasing, as well as in all distribution systems (establishing legal frameworks for cooperation with distributors, sales representatives, agents, franchisees) – both on the side of the entity supplying goods or creating a particular distribution system and on the side of buying entities or those joining the system,
  • we create general terms of contracts and regulations for both B2B and B2C transactions,
  • we prepare internal policies and procedures related to the approval and conclusion of commercial agreements,
  • we advise on export and import regulations, as well as the introduction of new products to the market,
  • we offer guidance on European Union law,
  • we support international expansion and the adaptation of business activities to different legal systems,
  • depending on the industry specifics, the contract, and the nature of the negotiations, experts from the team of trade and commercial contracts cooperative with other specialists within our law firm (e.g., in the fields of tax law, competition law, intellectual property law, public procurement law, data protection law). This cooperative approach ensures that the ultimately crafted agreement comprehensively safeguards our client’s interests in all aspects relevant to their legal security,
  • we conduct audits of existing contracts and general terms – with extensive experience in conducting audits of commercial contracts as part of M&A processes, Compliance processes, internal reorganizational processes, and having the appropriate team and tools to efficiently carry out detailed verification and, if necessary, modification of existing contract terms,
  • we provide legal support and representation, along with the dispute resolution team, in disputes (including cross-border disputes) arising from commercial contracts, both before courts and in arbitration proceedings.

Our specialists combine legal expertise with analytical and negotiation skills, allowing them to effectively represent clients’ interests in complex business environments. We encourage you to get in touch!

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