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Attorney-at-law with 15 years of experience in every aspect related to procurement, from planning and preparing procedures to the execution of contracts and overseeing the legality of the procurement process, including those funded by external sources. His practice also encompasses public finance law, particularly issues related to liability for violating regulations governing the management of public funds.

From 2014 to 2020, a member of the National Appeals Chamber in Warsaw, where he adjudicated disputes, including multimillion procurement proceedings conducted by the largest contracting authorities in Poland. 

From 2017 to 2021, a member of the Regional Adjudicating Commission for Cases of Violation of Discipline in Public Finances at the Regional Chamber of Audit in Katowice. Within this role, he addressed issues not only related to the violation of public procurement regulations but also encompassing other aspects of the functioning of entities in the public finance sector.

From 2020 to 2023, a cooperator at one of the law firms in Warsaw, where he coordinated or personally handled legal support for contracting authorities (including central offices) and contractors. He provided advice to clients in various projects, including infrastructure (roads, railways, cycling paths), IT projects, and within group procurement for the supply of electricity or natural gas for dozens of contracting entities. He participated in numerous appeals proceedings before the National Appeals Chamber in Warsaw, where he developed strategies and successfully implemented them, representing clients during hearings and trials. He also has experience representing clients’ interests before the Supreme Audit Office, general and administrative courts, as well as defendants in proceedings before committees adjudicating cases of violation of discipline in public finances.

Author and co-author of numerous articles in industry publications such as ‘Contracting Authority – Public Procurement in Practice,’ ‘Supplement New Public Procurement Law. Step by Step,’ ‘Public Procurement. Advisor,’ and ‘Public Procurement Monitor’ and book publications: ‘Electronicization of Public Procurements in Practice’ (one of the pioneering works in the publishing market addressing the issues of electronicizing the procurement system), and ‘Trade Secrets in Public Procurements.

He is a valued trainer and academic lecturer, known for his professional approach, ability to impart knowledge, and share professional experiences. 

A graduate of law studies at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun and postgraduate studies in public procurement at the Silesian University of Technology in Zabrze. He completed the attorney-at-law training at the Katowice Bar Association of Attorneys-at-Law. He entered into the list of attorney-at-law at the Warsaw Bar Association of Attorneys-at-Law.

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