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    Why choose us?

    We are aware that dynamic business and legal requirements pose many challenges for management teams, executives, and HR departments. That is why we offer comprehensive trainings precisely tailored to the needs of our clients.

    What makes our offer unique?

    1. Individual approach. Our training sessions are tailored to specific expectations and real needs of our clients. This allows us to provide knowledge that can be immediately applied in professional practice.
    2. Rich educational materials. Participants in our training sessions receive carefully developed and updated materials that not only help reinforce the acquired knowledge but also serve as a valuable source of information for daily work.
    3. Flexibility and diversity. Whether you need a closed training session tailored to the specifics of your organization or you are interested in participating in an open training session, we have a rich thematic offer that will meet your needs.

    Our experienced specialists and lawyers will provide you not only with the latest information in the field of law but also with practical tools that enable effective application of knowledge in the real business environment. We invite you to explore our current thematic training offer. Give us a chance, and we will show you why choosing Sadkowski and Partners will elevate the competence level in your organization.

    What makes us stand out?

    Individual approach

    Rich educational materials

    Flexibility and diversity

    trusted us

    Sadkowski and Partners conducted a training session entitled ‘Employee Capital Plans and Pension Programs - Selection, Implementation, and Operation in Practice’. All aspects of the training, such as the selection of the lecturer, the quantity and quality of knowledge conveyed, and the preparation of training materials for participants, deserve high praise.

    Client from the energy sector

    We cooperate with Sadkowski and Partners on training projects covering labour law and the functioning of the Employee Council. The firm's approach throughout the projects was fully professional, and the training programs delivered were well-received by the participants of the respective sessions.

    Client from the banking sector

    Sadkowski and Partners conducted a one-day training session in Warsaw titled ‘Tender for Leasing - Practical Issues from the Contractor's Perspective’ for selected employees of our company. The teachers effectively and clearly conveyed their knowledge, supported by their own experience, in an engaging manner. Workshop techniques were utilized during the training.

    Client from the leasing industry

    Sadkowski and Partners lawyers conducted a training session on reporting tax schemes. The training was tailored to the participants' needs and the specifics of their work. All topics were discussed in a clear and engaging manner.

    Client from the industrial sector

    The law firm prepared and conducted a training session entitled ‘Risk Management in Investment Funds’. The training was delivered online with professionalism and meticulous attention to detail.

    Client from the financial sector

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